Your machine is awesome! Small space it takes up, but man it can handle a lot.
- Daniel Keller, Owner, Automotive Services LLC, Summersville WV
Our NewArc wheel straightener has been great.It has been so profitable that we ordered a second machine for our Southfield store after using it for only 60 days.
- Danielle LaGassa, Service Manager, Meade Lexus of Lakeside, Sterling Heights, Michigan
NewArc provided us with an excellent machine, which enhances our service lineup.  We can now provide our customers with safe, SAE accepted wheel straightening, while increasing our bottom line profits each month.
- Dale Engle, Service Manager, Meade Lexus of Southfield, Michigan
I like the reliability and effectiveness of my machine.  It was easy to learn, and the dual-axis pressure is by far the best application, especially when handling expensive wheels.  It has been so profitable, I was able to pay for my NewArc in under six months.
- Steve Elder, Owner, Claymore Wheel Repair, Du Page County, Illinois
I struggled with wheel straightening for years.  This machine is simple to use and has made my life much easier.  And everything I needed to master the operation of the machine was right on the NewArc website.  But what I like best is the money I am making with it.
- Allyn Armstrong, Owner, A&J Automotive, Kingston, Nova Scotia
Our customers with bent wheel problems appreciate the fact that we can now provide safe same-day straightening service.

- Jim Helgerson, General Manager, Tracy VW, Hyannis, Massachusetts
The compact design and modular construction of the NewArc machine makes it perfect for use in our mobile units.  It will enable us to meet the growing demand of our customers, expand our sales and generate more revenue.
- Brian Dean, Owner, Wheels On-Site, Sterling, Virginia
My wheel straightener is amazing!
- Jonathan Santiago, Wheel Restoration Specialist, Elite Rim Repair, Plainview, NY
Here in the United Kingdom, especially coming out of the winter period, our poorly maintained roads mean that NewArc Tech’s portable wheel straightening system can provide wheel refurbishers with more opportunities to save a damaged wheel rim.
- Mike Rysiecki, Journalist, Auto Italia (unsolicited quote from Feb 2019 SEMA News)