Patented Technology
Our patented multi-axis system offers a gentler approach to wheel straightening, designed to reduce stress and minimize the risk of future cracking.
Proven Effective
After rigorous independent testing, our wheel straightening technology became the first to exceed all SAE standards for safety and effectiveness.
Simple to Operate
After only a few hours with our complete training guide, anyone can learn how to straighten a wheel quickly and accurately.
This patented wheel straightening device enables the user to apply repair pressure on the bend site from either a single axis or simultaneously from a second axis.
Pressure can be applied at varying angles and can even be adjusted to a secondary plane. This dual axis “massaging” action actually relieves the strain in the damaged area. Recent scientific testing was conducted by Independent Test Services, a world renowned wheel safety laboratory. This research revealed that driving on a bent wheel will eventually result in a crack at the bend site. Additional testing also proved that a wheel straightened with the patented NewArc™ process will actually prevent the cracking.

Dual-Axis Strain Relief.

The Future of Wheel Straightening.

Finally, a reliable and cost-effective approach to wheel straightening.

A practice that was previously considered unsafe, our game-changing patented technology relieves the strain at the bend site and gently massages the metal back into shape.  Independent scientific testing has proved that wheels precisely straightened with our process are safe enough to pass every performance test required by the SAE for brand new wheels.