Discover how one revolutionary idea became the future of wheel-straightening technology.

After years of careful research and testing, NewArc™ is proud to offer a method of wheel straightening that is more effective and affordable than any to come before it.

Our Background

Learn more about NewArc Wheel Straightening Technology - aboutWheel straightening has been a regular practice in repair shops for the last 40 years.  Some if it has been done in a manner that actually damages the wheel further.  As a consequence, experts have long denounced the practice.  The challenges to meet the tremendous demand in a safe and professional way was discouraging.  Starting in 2001 research began on a method that would challenge the skeptics and would eventually win them over.  The method involves a device that enables a technician to straighten a wheel in a dependable and consistent manner with an end result that is safer and more reliable than had ever been done before.  The method was patented and is featured in a 2016 in a SAE Technical Paper, which also reports on a new scientific discovery involving bent wheels.  View the Full SAE Report.

A Revolutionary Idea

Learn more about NewArc Wheel Straightening Technology - NewFrame

One version of the NewArc™ machine is designed with portability in mind.  The new light steel frame is small, compact and easily movable on casters.  Since it takes up very little floor space, it can be easily stowed away.  It also requires no electric or air power.

Most importantly the method and device is patented (US Patents # 7334449, 8695395, 9205477) and utilizes an exclusive Dual-Axis Strain relief process that can achieve unparalleled results which minimizes cracking and restores the wheel to a fully serviceable condition, which meets all safety standards.



Where We Are Now

Learn more about NewArc Wheel Straightening Technology - Brazil

Right now, there are over 400 NewArc™ machines in use all over the United States, the UK, Australia, Ireland, and even Saudi Arabia.  Here our machine is being used by a company in Brazil.  Wherever they are in use, they have been a huge success. No other machine can equal the performance and success rate of our repair process. We are also currently engaged in additional research, which will ultimately enhance the capabilities and effectiveness of our machine even more.

The Future of NewArc™ 

Currently, the machine is built in Michigan and sells for less than half the cost of other machines on the market. Now that the 2016 SAE Technical Paper has been published, the potential for this machine is unlimited. In the near future, repair facilities all across the country will be providing in-house wheel straightening services, as documented by the Society of Automotive Engineers. 

The public needs to be made aware of the new scientific discovery and informed of how they can benefit from proper wheel straightening services.  For more information about this new discovery, View the Full SAE Report.

Meanwhile, our research will continue we will post new test results on this web page as we get them.  For news and updates, please visit our news page.

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